Customized Traveler Sites   

Customized Traveler Sites

Delta's new customized traveler sites make it easy for your travelers to see all the benefits and offers in one place.

We're working every day to create useful benefits that satisfy your travelers' needs. Now, we've made communicating these benefits to your traveler easier than ever before by creating customized traveler sites specific to your company.  

Your travelers have access to:

  • Corporate Traveler Benefits-  A one-stop library that includes detailed info about every benefit available to your travelers, like Priority Boarding, Preferred Seating and more.
  • Special Offers- A curated collection of all of the others from Delta, our partners, and other incentives specific to your company.

Take these steps below to get started:

  1. Activate your company's site by opting in to co-branded benefit messages and options via Communications Cockpit. Simply visit Communications Cockpit or request access by contacting your Sales Account Executive.
  2. After you've activated your customized traveler site, access your unique URL from the Communications Resources within Communications Cockpit on Delta Professional.
  3. For a chance to win a prize package of drink vouchers and Wi-Fi passes or a grand prize of two round-trip tickets, post your customized traveler site URL in an easy-to-access location so your travelers can start learning about their benefits. Submit a screenshot of where you posted HERE to win.
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