Sky Partner - Contract Performance   

Sky Partner - Contract Performance


Contract reporting on-demand – another industry first.

Embrace your inner know-it-all with the industry’s first on-demand contract reporting app. View up-to-date contract reports and access your Edge Points* balance daily.

Mountains of paper reports are now a thing of the past. With Sky Partner Performance+SM, get all the information you need about your contract performance when you need it, online. Find what you are looking for on Delta Pro, night or day, instead of waiting for your Sales Account Executive to pull reports and send them to you.

Multiple paper reports have now been transformed into a single view you can sort and filter to show the exact metrics you want. You can even drill down into performance by contract term, market, cabin and more. Sky Partner Performance+ also illustrates trending performance data, so you can easily see where you stand. And even manage your Edge Points balance more effectively than ever with our daily snapshot of your account’s utilization. 

* All Edge Points Program Rules apply and can be requested from your Delta Sales Account Executive.

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