Trip-Level Reliability Report   

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Delta launches industry-leading performance metrics for connecting trips to corporate customers

From the launch of its Operational Performance Commitment in 2015, Delta has been proud to lead the industry when it comes to providing corporate customers with not only the most reliable operation in the business, but also the most comprehensive operational performance data. 

Delta is taking another step forward with the launch of two operational performance metrics that provide corporate customers with account-specific information at a level of detail that’s unmatched in the airline industry – down to the specific flight, and including itineraries with connections. Both metrics are designed based on customer feedback and focus on what’s most important to corporate travelers: arriving to the final destination and arriving on time.

The Trip Fulfillment Factor measures the likelihood of a corporate customer experiencing a disruption-free flight, including itineraries with connections.

The Trip On-Time Factor measures the likelihood of a corporate customer reaching their final destination on time, including itineraries with connections.

Combined, these two metrics make up Delta's Trip-Level Reliability Report which allows corporate customers to compare all trip options across Delta and its competitors – whether travel is nonstop, one-stop or more – so they can make the best choice for their upcoming flights. With these metrics in place, Delta will become the first U.S. carrier to provide corporate customers with account-specific reporting on the routes on which their travelers actually fly.  You can access reporting via your Delta sales account manager, and in the future via the Corporate Dashboard.

Delta will initially make Trip Fulfillment Factor and Trip On-Time Factor data available for flights originating in North America and expects to expand it to include international and codeshare flights in the future.

Terms & Conditions:

Report metrics based on FlightStats domestic on-time and flight completion data for the twelve full calendar months preceding report publication. U.S.-based airlines being compared: Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines


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