Delta Premium Select Mapping Changes for Transatlantic and Transpacific Markets   

Article updated as of July 5, 2018

Effective for tickets issued on or after July 3, 2018, Delta customers connecting to their Delta Premium Select experience on transatlantic and transpacific flights will receive a Delta Comfort+® seat assignment on their connecting leg of U.S. domestic travel, pending availability. 

This is part of the continued evolution of Delta’s onboard product that will offer more Delta Premium Select options with the delivery of more state-of-the-art A350 aircraft and the modification of the airline’s 777 fleet, in addition to creating a more seamless experience with our joint venture partners, Air France, KLM, Alitalia and Virgin Atlantic. 

To ensure customers receive the best available Delta Premium Select fare, Travel Agents should book U.S. domestic connecting legs in W class before pricing Delta Premium Select itineraries.  Agents may also book domestic connecting legs in Y class if W isn’t available, and will still receive the lowest available fare.  Transoceanic segments can be booked in P, A or G class. 

Connecting customers who are Medallion Members or have SkyTeam Elite status can stand by for a domestic First Class upgrade, or can purchase an upgrade post purchase for the individual connecting leg of their trip if they wish.  Information on the complimentary upgrade process can be found on the Medallion Upgrades page on

For more information on Delta Premium Select, please visit the Delta Premium Select Product page.



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