GOL's VoeBiz Benefits Delta and Air France-KLM's Small and Medium Sized Corporate Customers   

The Delta, GOL and Air France-KLM partnership continues to yield benefits for corporate customers when traveling on GOL and while participating in the airline’s VoeBiz program. VoeBiz, which launched a year ago in Brazil, enables small and medium-sized companies to earn points when their employees travel on company business while employees continue to earn miles individually in their preferred frequent flyer program. VoeBiz points can be redeemed for free tickets on GOL, Air France-KLM or Delta operated-flights, allowing them to maximize their travel budget.

“The VoeBiz partnership between GOL, Delta and Air France-KLM is unprecedented in the Brazilian market. Small to medium-sized corporate customers can now enroll and start earning points redeemable for travels in Brazil, South America, the United States and Europe. This makes the program incredibly relevant and valuable to our Brazilian customers,” said Fabio Camargo, Delta’s Director — Brazil. “Delta, GOL and Air France KLM continuously look for ways to benefit our joint customers because we want to continue to earn the loyalty of corporate customers and their employees.”

VoeBiz is also a tool for travel agents, a valuable partner for small and medium enterprises in Brazil. Companies can earn points on tickets purchased with the assistance of a travel agent or directly through the webistes for GOL, Delta, Air France and KLM.

"The potential market of small and medium enterprises is quite large, and by offering this product, we can get even closer to this sector. Since the launch of VoeBiz, all GOL's customers can experience our services and products and thus participate in the entire cycle of the program, from the accrual of points to redemption and then upgrading to the Prime category," says Juliane Castiglione, GOL's Manager of Commercial Strategy. "Together with our partners, we plan to grow even more in 2018, bringing more benefits to our customers and increasing the loyalty of corporate customers traveling to both domestic and international markets," she says.

About VoeBiz

The program offers two loyalty categories based on points earned: Essential and Prime. Points accrued by the participating enterprise may be redeemed for tickets and according to the category to which the company belongs, the company can receive discounts on the purchase of tickets. The main advantages include:

  • Travel budget savings — Companies can earn points on business travel and participate in exclusive promotions. Points can be redeemed for free tickets, allowing corporate travel budgets to go further.
  • Points accrual — Valid for tickets issued by GOL, Delta, Air France, and KLM.
  • Travel redemption — Exclusive VoeBiz online portal for redeeming points on GOL, Delta, Air France, and KLM flights.
  • Bonus Points — Customers paying through GOL UATP service receive 30 percent bonus points.
  • Prime Category — Eligible for companies with more than 70,000 points accrued. It offers discounts on the purchase of tickets on flights operated by GOL, plus the basic benefits.
  • GOL Services — Participating companies also have other VoeBiz benefits when flying GOL, Delta, and Air France-KLM, such as GOL+Comfort, Delta One, La Première, World Business Class, and much more.

Enterprises participating in VoeBiz can manage their travel through www.voebiz.com.br, GOL’s unique portal which provides increased visibility and control of employee’s travels as well as a dedicated service channel as a major exclusive feature.  

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