Delta Continues Customer-Centric Distribution Enhancements   

At Delta we are on a journey to transform the retail experience and deliver value for all of our customers. We have continued to invest across all distribution channels to build technology and capabilities that provide business travelers with an elevated experience in their preferred channel of choice. 

Through our customers’ valuable insights, we have developed our omnichannel, customer-centric approach to retail transformation. Throughout this multi-year journey, we have been collaborating with industry partners on innovations such as IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ATPCO’s Next Generation Storefront (NGS) to improve the retail experience in the third-party channel. Additionally, we enhanced our business experience on and recently introduced it to current SAP Concur TripLink customers.

“Delta is committed to an omnichannel approach to retail transformation that delivers a best-in-class customer experience across our entire distribution network. This enhanced business experience on is complementary to the work we are doing to elevate all of our channels,” said Delta’s Jeff Lobl, Managing Director - Global Distribution & Omnichannel Strategy.

On January 23, we reached another milestone along our journey. Access to Delta’s business experience was extended to existing business travelers currently shopping on that have a SkyBonus ID saved in their SkyMiles profile. 

Travelers will have the ability to toggle between personal or business profiles when booking on Once they select the "Business” travel option, they will experience a personalized booking path where their SkyBonus ID is automatically incorporated at check out.  

“The development of the business experience is a direct result of customer feedback that they want choice,” said Delta’s Sara Reid, Managing Director - Sales Innovation & Business Development. “Creating choice for our customers is what drives every investment we make in any distribution channel.”

At the end of this quarter, we will introduce new functionality, powered by nuTravel, that enables the management of business bookings and allows for duty of care, payment management, expense provider integrations and reporting.  

We will continue to prioritize our partners business needs at every step along our journey. We believe ARC’s recent investment in nuTravel is a foundational step in creating an ecosystem where our TMC partners, who play a vital role in corporate travel, can service a booking regardless of the channel it is booked in.

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