Delta Expands Refundable Options for Business Travel   

Updated January 21, 2022

Delta is offering the option to purchase fares with additional flexibility using an easy-to-read display in the GDSs and in some corporate online booking tools (OBTs)1.

The new fare option offers the following benefits:  

  • Fares are fully refundable to the original form of payment  
  • Allows free Same Day Confirmed Domestic ticket changes (a $75 value - see terms and conditions)

Many routes in Domestic, Latin America and trans-Atlantic markets offer these fares and Delta plans to continue rolling out systemwide through the coming months. The refundable fare can be identified by the fare basis code or in the fare rules and must be purchased at time of booking. Examples are provided below for reference.

Initially, refundable fares featured the option to purchase additional flexibility in the GDS or OBT channel displays across each cabin product type, excluding Basic Economy, for most domestic and international flights. 

Fare Basis Code Identification of Refundable Fares

Identifying these new refundable fares works the same way that refundability has been identified in the past.  Refundable fares can be identified in the Fare Basis Code (FBC) by finding the following FBC characters in the specific FBC position depending on the Entity of the fare (examples are included below):


FBC Position

FBC Character










TPAC Exit North America






ALL Entities


“Full Fares”


Note – Fare Basis code structure is covered in agency resources on Delta Pro 

Instructions on how to Price a refundable fare in the GDS

Display Examples:


When searching for refundable fares, for example a flight from ATL to LAX, users can search for a fare quote using the entry below and proceed through the fare options to arrive at “Refundable” fares DL0/REFMAIN (see third screen below)

Sabre screen example
Sabre screen example

The screen will indicate the user is viewing Refundable fares. Additionally, the Fare basis codes display one of the following characters in the 4th position (For domestic fares): 1/2/3/4/5/H/P/R/X/Y/Z

Sabre screen example

Price by Refundable brand from itinerary –WPNCB#BRREFMAIN

To price specifically for refundable fares, including the entry “BRREFMAIN” will limit pricing to refundable fares 

Sabre screen example


Green Screen Fare Quote – 4FATLLAX12SEP-DL

A fare entry in Worldspan (1P) does not provide brand or refundable information in the display. Refundable fares must be identified through the fare basis code by looking at the corresponding character (when the 4th character for domestic fares is 1/2/3/4/5/H/P/R/X/Y/Z, the fare is refundable, see the table below).

Travelport screen example

After a fare search, when clicking on the dollar amount highlighted in blue, the brand options will appear in the rands and Ancillaries tab.

Travelport screen example


Green Screen Fare Quote – FQDATLLAX/D12SEP/ADL/FF

After using the entry for a fare quote, moving through the screens will bring you to “REFMAIN” which will indicate the “refundable main” fares.

Amadeus screen example
Amadeus screen example

Searching for fares using the following code will provide refundable fares – FXB/FF-REFMAIN

Amadeus screen example


Concur screen example


GetThere screen example

1 Displays on Concur/Sabre and newer OBTs like TripActions/Travelbank; dependent on account policy allowing refundable fares

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