Non-binary Gender Identifiers Now Available in Delta Travel Systems   

As part of Delta’s ongoing efforts to reflect inclusivity and ensure an equitable travel experience for all customers, we are launching non-binary gender options for customers to select during the booking process. Delta customers will now be able to select X (Unspecified) or U (Undisclosed) in addition to M (Male) and F (Female) to identify their gender in Delta’s travel systems. Customers will also be able to select an “Mx” title.

Customers can self-update their gender identifiers on using the identity verification form found in the Personal Details tab under their SkyMiles account. The gender identifier in Delta’s systems must be the same as the identifier shown on the customer’s government-issued travel documentation. Therefore, a customer may only select X or U if that selection is shown on their passport, driver’s license, or government-issued identification in use for that trip.

For travelers and travel advisors booking via OBT/GDS, Delta can now send, receive, and store non-binary gender information. Non-binary gender options and support can vary based on your booking tool or other technology partners. Please check with your partners to see if they support non-binary gender options as part of airline bookings.

Currently, two countries, Egypt and Kuwait, are denying entry to passengers who identify their gender as X or U. While Delta does not fly directly to either of these countries, your travelers can connect with some of our travel partners. Please take this into consideration when booking your travelers. 

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