Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCO)   

A Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) is an accountable IATA document used to process the payment of qualifying optional services.

Only ARC-accredited travel agencies are currently able to issue an MCO. Travel agencies that report through a Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) must issue Electronic Miscellaneous Documents – Standalone for payment of qualifying optional services, in accordance with the IATA mandate to be 100% paperless.

MCO Guidelines

  • Delta does not accept manual or handwritten MCOs.

  • Only ARC-accredited travel agencies can issue MCOs. Travel agencies that settle with Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) cannot issue MCO documents.

  • MCOs may not be used to pay debit memos.

  • MCOs may not be used to process tour payments.

  • Only one MCO can be issued per ticketed passenger. Cross-reference the ticket number on the MCO in the "reason for exchange" line.

  • Travel agents in the U.S. should refer to the ARC Industry Agent’s Handbook for instructions on the completion and reporting of MCO exchange coupons.

Approved MCO Uses

An MCO may be used when standard ticket stock cannot be used. See the list below for Delta approved transactions for air travel and related services:

  • Additional Collections

  • Change Fees

  • Cancellation Fees

  • Residual Value

  • Group Deposits

  • Excess Baggage Fees

Note: A credit card cannot be used to pay for an MCO which includes services on other airlines. Agencies cannot accept and ticket against travel documents, such as MCOs and travel vouchers (DTV), issued by Delta. These documents must be presented and processed at a Delta ticketing location.

Travel Agency Issued MCOs – Residual Value

U.S.-based travel agencies that settle through Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) may issue residual value MCOs for the following:

  • Ticketed passenger chooses to downgrade prior to departure of originating flight because a new fare has been introduced in the market or a current fare has been reduced; any remaining value less the administrative service fee (ASC) may be placed on an MCO
  • Customer has a wholly unused 006 ticket and is applying it toward the purchase of a new ticket of lower value; any remaining value less the administrative service fee (ASC) may be placed on an MCO

All travel agencies that report through the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) must contact Delta at 404-715-2926 or their local Delta Reservation office for assistance with a residual value EMD-S document.

Travel Agency-Issued Residual Value MCO - Validity Extension 

Delta has extended Residual Value MCOs issued between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 beyond the normal one-year validity. These MCOs will be extended for use through December 31, 2022.

Guidelines to redeem the extended Residual Value MCO are as follows:

  • The extension applies to Residual Value MCOs issued between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020
  • Residual Value MCOs must be applied toward a ticket and all travel must be completed by December 31, 2022
  • If the new ticket is of lesser value than the value of the MCO, a new Residual Value MCO may be issued:
    • The expiration date on the new Residual Value MCO will be December 31, 2022
    • This new Residual Value MCO must be applied toward a ticket and all travel must be completed by December 31, 2022

For questions regarding the extension of Agency-issued Residual Value MCOs, please contact Global Sales Support or Delta Reservations for assistance.

Residual Value MCO Guidelines

  • A residual value MCO is valid for one year and must be exchanged towards the purchase of a 006 ticket within one year of the MCO issue date
  • If a residual value MCO is applied toward a ticket of lesser value, a subsequent MCO may be issued. This subsequent MCO is valid for one year from the new issue date.  All other MCO rules apply. 
  • MCOs are nontransferable;  MCOs may only be applied towards a new ticket for the passenger named on the MCO. 
    • Exception as noted: Corporate Name Change Exception: MCOs applied toward a new ticket issued with a valid Delta corporate ticket designator may be transferred. Please ensure that the corporate ticket designator which must begin with an “X” or a “C” is entered on the new ticket to avoid a debit memo.  The new ticket must be equal to or higher in value; if lower value, residual balance is forfeited.
  • Travel agency issued MCOs are nontransferable when presented to Delta Reservations or airport ticketing locations.

Guidelines for Issuing MCOs

  1. Name of Passenger – The MCO may only be issued in the name of the passenger on the original unused ticket.

  2. Type of Service – An MCO may be issued for the following types of service: Excess Baggage, Change Fees, Cancellation Fees, Residual Value, and Group Deposits.

  3. To – Delta Air Lines

  4. Endorsement Restrictions – Nonrefundable/nonreversible. Valid DL/DL Connection Carriers®  and JV Partners* only. The endorsement box of any ticket issued in exchange for the MCO must contain the non-refundable amount including taxes.

*Note: JV Partners include AF/KL/VS/AM/KE/VA when issued in conjunction with at least one Delta fare segment.


An MCO is valid for one year from the date of issue and must be presented for a ticket within that period. Once the MCO is exchanged, the ticket issued then becomes valid for one year from the date of issue. MCOs are not replaceable if lost or stolen. Travel Agencies cannot accept Delta-issued MCOs.

Whenever an exchange coupon of an MCO is reissued, all prior endorsements or restrictions appearing on the original MCO must be carried forward to the new document.

For additional questions regarding MCO transferability please contact Global Sales Support.

Use specific GDS entries below to find information regarding MCOs. Please contact your GDS Help Desk if you have questions regarding the following entries.












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